Our cats are generous,
they really like to share,
filling the house with litter smells
and their moulted hair.
The yuckiest thing they share with us
is left outside the house:
the bloody feathers of a bird
or the insides of a chewed-up mouse.

Kim M. Russell, 8th October 2018

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Quadrille: Yuck  it up!

De is hosting this Monday with the word ‘yuck’.

47 thoughts on “Sharing

    1. They don’t bring them in but they did scare a mouse to death in our bedroom (it must have come up through the floorboards) and we didn’t know about it until the very warm weather. It took me two days of powerful stench to find the corpse under a chest of drawers!


    1. Thank you, Glenn. I just read large cow!
      Luna dragged a very large rabbit up the garden not long ago and when I looked there was only a nose with whiskers left.


    1. I can cope with hairballs, Sarah – it’s the internal organs of creatures, rabbit noses and headless corpses that I’m fed up with – I’m the one who has to get rid of them!


  1. gack!! Hairballs…mousies. I had a cat that would leave gifts right outside the front door. I learned to look down before I stepped. but one time, he left me a small cucumber with the bloom attached pillaged from the neighbor’s garden. I love cats. This was a lot of fun.

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    1. Luna, the black and white cat in the willow, is the hunter. Mojo has only been going outside for a couple of months but I think Luna has been teaching her as she brought a live mouse back, which I rescued!

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      1. my dog used to bring us back live mice too, he’s so gentle never harms them and will keep them between his paws while waiting for us to rescue it!! they do tend to copy (cat) their peers!

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    1. I think Luna, the black and white cat in the willow, could be a barn cat, but Mojo thinks I’m her mum and loves her home comforts too much to stay out all the time. She keeps coming back to check I’m still here!

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  2. Such cute cats. Ours are strictly indoor cats, so we don’t get those presents, but they leave us other goodies. 🙂
    When I was a teen, one of our dogs left a dead mouse at the foot of the stairs going up to my attic bedroom. I can’t remember now if I stepped on it or just avoided doing so–but yuck!

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