in the hollow
of a halo
of fresh snow
on the willow

a lone crow


how cold
this frost-bound

Kim M. Russell, 25th October 2018

Image result for crow on a snowy bough of willow tree
Crow on snowy bough ca. 1910- 1930 Ohara Koson- image found on Pinterest


My response to Poets United Midweek Motif: Winter

Sumana says that, in the place where she lives, winter’s brief entry is most welcome: the nip in the air, its misty breath, the lazy sun, arrival of migratory birds and the fragrance of a new harvest bring about a strange joy. But this is not so with the cold countries. She would like us to write new poems that explore how we look at winter, and has inspired us with quotations from Albert Camus, Andrew Wyeth and Shakespeare, as well as a haiku by Basho and poems by Sara Teasdale and Thomas Hardy.

11 thoughts on “Hollow

  1. Ooh, that cold sound echoes and resounds through and through — the mystical environment conjured evokes the kind of silence being disturbed by a single piercing sound often encountered in the dead of winter. I loved it!

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  2. “frost-bound sound” gosh! The stillness of winter ice is what I thought of, with the hardy crow in the halo / hollow / how. I see my breath, stark contrasts, and a wonderful painting.


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