Wide Windows

Writing by wide windows, I
can see the earth and sky,
birds and deer catch my eye.

In spring, blossom flutters in the trees
and the scent of honeysuckle
drifts on the breeze.

The cat and I watch autumn leaves
and winter snowflakes fall,
a spider build a cobweb

and a snail
leave a silvery trail
on the footpath and the wall.

I might seem too distracted
by what’s happening outside:
poems wait

like tiny birds outside my window
until I reach out my finger
and invite them inside.

Kim M. Russell, 28th October 2018

100_2918 (2)

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads: Don’t Touch My Meez

Toni has thrown us the gauntlet this week with an interesting challenge, mise en place, which was inspired by her years of experience working in restaurant kitchens. She says that she learned a very important lesson: everything in its place.

Toni would like to know what our workplaces look like at home: where do we write our poetry?  Poems can be any length or form but must contain the scents, the sights, the music, the cat or the dog in close proximity, the kids interrupting our flow of thought, our thoughts over the first cup of coffee in the morning or the last cup of tea at night. Toni doesn’t want to know the why; she wants to know the where.

16 thoughts on “Wide Windows

  1. I do like where you write. The window, the cats but most especially the birds. This is such a lovely and gentle read. I must confess that two straight years of death have added an edge to me. Your voice is as soft and lovely as ever. Where you write is a good place. I hope to be back in my gentle place again.


  2. It’s a beautiful environment — these visuals and sights are the best distractions as they inspire and induce creativity too. I love how you define the year-round view of the different seasons from your vantage point.
    I loved this: “poems wait/like tiny birds outside my window/until I reach out my finger/and invite them inside.”

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    1. Thank you, Anmol. I’ve been sitting all morning and am loathe to leave my desk but needs must. I’ve been watching a pheasant but every photo I’ve tried to take has been blurred – he’s doing it on purpose!


  3. I am also blessed to have a large window in my loft office, watch trees bud, bloom and lose their leaves ~~ and if I am truly lucky a deer or two will wander down my street and maybe nibble on a plant or flower.

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