Love Eternally Day 21

faded photograph
fingerprints trace the features
with a gentle touch

Kim M. Russell, 5th November 2018

Image result for photograph covered in fingerprints Pinterest
Image found on Pinterest

My response to Carpe Diem’s Autumn Retreat 2018 Love Eternally

It’s time for Carpe Diem’s Autumn Retreat, a period of 30 days to write haiku or tanka every day on a specific theme: ‘love eternally’.

6 thoughts on “Love Eternally Day 21

  1. if only fingers could reach into and beyond the actual print, to search, seek out the flesh, aliven, awaken it …. and so it is we muse in the soft recollections of memories … as the images fade, lest we forget …

    a very gentle and wistful haiku Kim – it’s beautiful

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