Tipping the Wink

morning frost snail
trails – a forewarning of iron soil
where musky fungi creep, bright orange
and red speckled with warts, among naked trunks
and sprout on rotting stumps, and milky bell caps rise

Kim M. Russell, 5th November 2018

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Quadrille: Winkle, Winkle, Little Poem

De is our host for this week’s quadrille and she’s winking at us.

48 thoughts on “Tipping the Wink

  1. one look and it was like a cross stitched image of a mushroom, love how you arranged the words to get the shape to form the meaning – like that last bit tipping the wink

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  2. ahhhh tipping the wink ~ now is this particular fungus a “Fly Algaric” ?

    because honestly, as soon as I saw the most clever and delightful layout, and the title, and the words … my mind went “uh ohhhh” … oh how lovely! (and deadly) ….

    anyhow, whether this variety or any other, you’ve captured the essence of fungi and what it means, to be all closed and closeted in the richness of the leaf debris and woods for the trees in rot and yet, lo and behold, how very bold! Fascinating poem, great touching on aspects of the elements … and just a pure delight to savour – although, perhaps not literally! LOL –

    Brava Kim! this is word prefect! love the snailing trail of morning frost … had me hooked and high right then!

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