Moonlight and Water Fowl

fishing for the moon
on the ripples of the lake
a gaggle of geese

fishing for the moon
pine needles float to the shore
frosted with silver

on the ripples of the lake
splintered into stars
a new galaxy

a gaggle of geese
diving for fragments of light
shivering feathers

Kim M. Russell, 15th November 2018

Image result for geese on a moonlit lake
Image found on Pinterest

My response to Carpe Diem #1545 The Water Fowl (crossroads)

Today our challenge is a ‘crossroads’ challenge, in which we create ‘fusion’ haiku from three given autumn haiku, from which we then create troika:  

the water-fowl
pecks and shivers
the moon on the waves

© Zuiryu

scooping up the moon
in the wash basin,
and spilling it

© Ryuho

I kept hanging the moon
on the pine tree, and taking it off,
gazing at it the while

© Hokushi

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