Apple Blossoms

branches fracture sun
in spilling apple blossoms
the valley awakes

branches fracture sun
awash with shiny spangles
early morning dew

in spilling apple blossoms
a bumblebee cavorts
with pollen’s sweetness

the valley awakes
a flood of pastel petals
welcoming the day

branches fracture sun
they finger-paint the dawn sky
with smudges of cloud

awash with shiny spangles
trees are dressed in their finest
ribbons of rainbows

early morning dew
nature’s nectar soaks the earth

in spilling apple blossoms
a fresh fragrance is released
with each bursting bud

a bumblebee cavorts
a buzz of happy humming
flower to flower

with pollen’s sweetness
the newborn world seems sticky
a honeyed rising

the valley awakes
to a chorus of birdsong
flocking dreams disperse

a flood of pastel petals
drifts against the window
belated snowfall

welcoming the day
scented steam from my tea cup
a breath of fresh air

Kim M. Russell, 13th January 2019

Image result for free images bee in apple blossom
Image found in Wikimedia Commons

My response to Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #67 Troiku Hineri: Apple Blossoms,  also linked to Poets United Poetry Pantry

In this weekend’s meditation we are leaving the Pan American Highway.  Our challenge is to choose from four  given haiku and create not only a fusion-ku but also a troiku hineri from the fusion-ku – a troiku with a twist:

We have to create nine new haiku with the separated lines of our first three haiku of the regular troika, which makes twelve new haiku as well as the fusion-ku!

The four haiku we can choose from are all by Jane Reichhold and taken from her online Saijiki A Dictionary of Haiku, Spring section:

light carried in my arms
apple blossoms from a neighbor
on my doorstep

 clusters talking
together in admiration
apple blossoms

 sun transformed
into apple blossoms
the ground is level

 the dam is broken
spring cascades into valleys
as apple blossoms

 Jane Reichhold (1937-2016)

 I chose the last two. Tricky but satisfying when completed.

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