Leafless Tree

the crow has flown away;
swaying in the evening sun,
a leafless tree

Natsume Soseki

an abandoned empty nest
and a single black feather

Kim M. Russell, 26th February 2019

Image result for single crows nest in bare branches
Image found on 123RF.com

My response to Carpe Diem #1614 Tan Renga Challenge Month 2019 (18) free styling

Today’s challenge is to use haiku of our own choice, which can written by a classical or non-classical haiku poet, but our own, and create Tan Renga with them, if possible explaining why we chose the haiku.

The haiku I have chosen is by Natsume Soseki; it captures beautifully the moment just after a crow has taken flight from a branch and makes me feel that the tree misses its company.


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