Pigeon Steps

Throughout history,
women have taken
pigeon steps,
played ‘What’s the time?’
with Mr Wolf, as if our feet
were bound,
crinolines rigid and tightly laced,
ankles hidden – we knew our place.

Now we have shredded
ribbons, learnt to march
and ride our bikes
burnt bras and held on to property,
paving the way to freedom and equality.

Kim M. Russell, 20th March 2019

Image result for Paintings or artwork suffragettes in crinolines
Crinoline by Kandinsky, 1909

My response to Poets United Midweek Motif: Empowerment

Susan is our host this week and she says that she developed the empowerment motif because it’s women’s history month. 

22 thoughts on “Pigeon Steps

  1. “Now we have shredded…..” So much of history is hidden in the word ‘Now’. What a long walk it was! Who knew this much courage and resolve would be in those ‘pigeon-steps’. Love this.

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  2. And don’t ease up either as I still see examples of male supremacy and preference in so many politicians, employers and even sport. The whole of mankind acts like a stubborn child not wanting to share.

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