Bright Grace

In the darkness of a November night,
the autumn moon rose proud and bright,
and so did you,  my magical child,
in a landscape green and wild.
You were my ēlē every morning,
the grace of light, of each day dawning,
the most beautiful in Celtic lore,
Gráinne, beloved, a mythical flower.

Kim M. Russell, 23rd March 2019


My poem for Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Weekend Mini Challenge: Nomenclature, also linked to Poets United Poetry Pantry

I’m hosting this weekend’s mini challenge, which was inspired by a visit to the Natural History Museum in London and a wander round the Cocoon in the Darwin Centre: it’s a huge space dedicated to the collecting and naming of new species.

Some of the names given to flora and fauna are little poems on their own and I was intrigued by the ways scientists choose names for their discoveries; which is why, this week, we are writing new poems about how we have named things and people.

45 thoughts on “Bright Grace

    1. The only problem was when we moved from Ireland back to England, where most people couldn’t pronounce let alone spell Grainne, so now she goes by her middle name, Ellen. The funny thing is that I chose Ellen because of a beloved friend and then realised that we had a lot of Ellens and Nells in the ancestry on my mother’s side of the family (my grandmother and her mother for starters)!


  1. Breathtaking! I love her name as well. Granya is how I pronounce with the ah sound. Such a lovely child. She looks like you in your baby pictures. Having never had children (or wanted them), I am amazed at the love and light in this poem.

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  2. Beautiful kid picture, Kim, and a nice poem. I failed to get all the meaning here as I could not find the meaning of “ēlē” as pertains to the Celtic. We have a great granddaughter named “Elle” but I feel this is not a name.

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