Breakfast Renga

early morning rain
the dry sound inside the cabin
of oatmeal cooking
­                                                           comfort in heat of a pot
­                                                           and scrape of a wooden spoon
flood waters crest
someone by the river puts water
in a coffee pot
­                                                           echoing waterfall gush
­                                                           as ice cold boils into steam
breakfast coffee
the excitement of an ocean
in my cup
­                                                           brown waves of rich aroma
­                                                           hot and bitter on the tongue
pale spring sunshine
spread over breakfast toast
quince jelly
­                                                           bitter-sweet awakening
­                                                           with the crunch of a new day
beating egg yolks
two yellow butterflies
twist in the fog
­                                                           the spit of salty butter
­                                                           as the eggs drop in the pan
threads of smoke
breakfast fires of neighbors
tied together
­                                                           scent of oatmeal and coffee
­                                                           drifts above rain-soaked rooftops
Jane Reichhold                                 Kim M. Russell, 18th April 2019

Image result for Japanese paintings and artwork breakfast
Breakfast, Fra Dana (1874-1948) – image found on Pinterest

My response to Carpe Diem #1650 Breakfast (modern kigo),  also linked to dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night

Today we have a ’Renga With Jane Reichhold’ episode with a modern kigo and six haiku taken from her modern saijiki, A Dictionary of Haiku on the theme of breakfast.

60 thoughts on “Breakfast Renga

  1. This appears to be a collaboration poem, and as such it shines. I don’t know anything about the forms mentioned, but I like the idea of six corresponding haiku with six free verse responses; might try that myself sometime.

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  2. Interesting structure to this poem relating such a basic experience in a profound way. I especially like those first two stanzas. As I read the first stanza I thought, “I have no idea what cooking oatmeal sounds like.” Then in the second stanza, you revealed the sound. Simply wonderful.

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    1. Than kyou, Linda. I felt the same when I first read Jane Reichhold’s words! That’s the fun of a renga, especially when working with a dead poet.


  3. This was excellent Kim, most enjoyable to read. Also, thank you for exposing me to more elements of Japanese poetry with which I was unfamiliar. I find it a pleasure to write haiku and tanka. Now I have paths to expand.

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    1. Thank you, Rob. You should drop by the Carpe Diem website. On Monday, Poetry Pea is posting a podcast in which one of my haiku is featured. I’ll post a link when it’s available.


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