April Morning

The morning’s dust-tongued with short-lived frost and seabirds moon-blown from the coast compete with bell-voiced wood pigeons. These early muffle-toed strolls are full of promise: spring winds roar in a leaf-foamed coppice and all the quiet moments in between, while hare-heeled boots touch damp earth with a kiss. No dark-vowelled dreams could have predicted this […]

Poetry as a Cry in the Dark

I call out to you in the dead of night. Dawn seems so far away. Enlightenment is shrouded in shadow. A moment of solitary despair. A moonbeam of ecstasy and words appear. The hoot and screech of owls pivot the changing light. Even a poet feels the weight of sleep heavy on her eyes, when […]


above the saltmarsh skylark wavers on the breeze a duet with reeds Kim M. Russell, 16th April 2019 My response to Carpe Diem #1648 skylark (hibari) Throughout April we are exploring classical and non-classical kigo for spring and today we have another classical kigo taken from the Shiki saijiki: hibari (skylark).