Up Ended

I miss the freedom of childhood
threading daisies
searching for four-leaf clover
turning an up-
handstand against the wall
dresses tucked in knickers
laughing at each other’s
that was an up-
an omen
it would soon be over

Kim M. Russell, 6th May 2019

Related image
David Seymour, Girl doing handstands dressed up in her Sunday best for her first day in school, Village of Pilis, near Budapest, September 1948 – image found on Pinterest 

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Quadrille: Up with Poems, People

De is hosting this Monday and she wants us to play with the word ‘up’. She says noun, verb, adverb, adjective, ‘up is versatile, and can be tossed into the mix in so many ways. We can put it in a form, or play with rhyme (or not). We must just get creative and cook up a poem of exactly 44 words, including some form of the word up. 

57 thoughts on “Up Ended

    1. Thanks Pat. It really does go by fast, too fast. Sometimes I’d like to go back for a while and remind myself what it was like – and then I think, maybe not because it wasn’t always like that.


  1. Ah, yes – you’ve made me recall the wonder of barefoot summers. From those first two lines – “I miss the freedom of childhood / summers” it just unfolds so beautifully.

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