Natures Gift

At five o’clock a patch of sky unfolds its hues
like Italian paper, marbled mauves and blues.

Untangling on the horizon, the new dawn breaks
and, by sunrise, the wrinkled ocean wakes,

stifles a yawn, wraps the beach in waves and sky:
Nature’s azure gift and early morning surprise.

Kim M. Russell, 8th May 2019

Image result for North Norfolk beach at high tide with sunrise Pinterest
Image found on Pinterest

My response to Poets United Midweek Motif: Gift(s)

Sumana is our host with a prompt about gifts and she has provided excellent inspiration with quotations from Robert Louis Stevenson and Albert Camus, as well as poems by Robert Frost, Rabindranath Tagore and Amy Lowell. I have rewritten a poem I originally wrote and posted on 24th April 2018.

28 thoughts on “Natures Gift

  1. Kim, the photo alone, is a truly poetic expression of the gifts that we enjoy, from the natural world around us. There’s a serenity that words try to describe, but fall short, in grasping the whole “picture” (pun intended). Although, you come very close, in doing so.

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  2. I am literally swooning right now! ❤️ I love “Untangling on the horizon” and “Nature’s azure gift and early morning surprise.” 😍😍😍

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