Only Tracks

late summer
alone on the beach
with only tracks                                           Jane Reichhold

warm sand rubs between tired toes
enticed by the wash of tide

seagulls overhead
melancholy messages
scribbled in the sky

returning them to sender
below on the empty beach                   Kim M. Russell, 16th May 2019

Image result for footprints in the sand and seagulls in the sky Pinterest
Image found on Pinterest

My response to Carpe Diem #1664 Tan Renga Challenge Month May 2019 (11) Tan Renga Hineri: Only Tracks

Today our challenge is to create a Tan Renga Hineri, which means adding a minimum of three and a maximum of five stanzas to a given haiku. We should try to create a ‘short story’ and close the chain with an ‘ageku’ that refers to the given stanza.

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