Picnic under the Willow

The willow dome quivers
at the touch of a breeze
and the sun-blessed air
hums a melody of bees.

A full jug of lemonade,
iced and freshly squeezed,
balances by sliced bread
and a bowl of strawberries.

We sip and chew together,
plates perched upon our knees;
listening to the river, we drift
into drowsiness and sleep.

Kim M. Russell, 17th May 2019

Image result for Paintings and artwork picnic under the willow
Woman and child asleep in a boat under the willows by John Singer Sargent 

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads: Let’s Have a Picnic Y’all!, also linked to Poets United Poetry Pantry

Toni tells us about hanami picnics In Japan and picnics in the park in the United States; she says it’s the season for picnics.

She would like us to write about a picnic – real, fantasised, romantic, family, by the lake or the ocean, in a park or the back yard – in any form of our choice, keeping it short, in fewer than 200 words.

38 thoughts on “Picnic under the Willow

  1. That sounds like a perfect day. Bucks County resembles Waterworld right now, so any picnics I’d have would be on a raft. I’ll bet I can coax the kids into having one once the weather gets warmer.

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  2. I would love to picnic under the beautiful willow. I’d fill on my lunch and slip into a mystical dream. Actually, I went for a walk yesterday and stood under a willow for a while to look at some new baby ducklings. Everything is alive with new life.

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    1. You’ve reminded me to check for returning ducks and swans down at the moorings, although it’s so busy with people and boats, they might have moved to somewhere quieter. I love waterfowl.


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