Two Hearts – a tanka suite

walking together
in a meadow of yellow
buttery cowslips

filled with the humming of bees
honey-sweet as a first kiss

a crown of petals
daisy-chained by our fingers
dusty with pollen

trails on the summer breeze
snags in overhanging leaves

knee-deep in grasses
on the edge of the meadow
our fingertips touch

with an exchange of pulses
our heartbeats are synchronised

love bloomed with summer
a shift of light and fragrance
zephyrs and blue skies

the whispering of grasses
and overhanging leaves

cloudy horizon
a warning of a deluge
the azure sky slips

an unexpected North wind
tears the daisy crown away

the end of summer
a shadow on the meadow
creeps through the cowslips

our fingertips slip apart
and our heartbeats syncopate

Kim M. Russell 2nd June 2019

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My response to Carpe Diem #1693 Two Hearts Together: Tanka Suite

After three weeks of concentrating on my paid seasonal work, during which I wrote only two poems and six haiku, I am relieved and delighted to be back in the world of writing and blogging. I’ve been looking forward to this new episode of Haiku Kai and a ‘new’ challenge to create a so-called Tanka Suite: a series of a minimum of six and a maximum of twelve tanka – a kind of short story of poems. The theme is ‘Two Hearts Together’. It proved trickier than I thought, being out of practice and out of the loop.

17 thoughts on “Two Hearts – a tanka suite

  1. Welcome back Kim 🙂 Hope you’ve caught your breath now and can settle in again 🙂

    I think you did a great job with this suite – it speaks with a gentleness and lingering, allowing us to step into the tableaux you’ve offered, so we get to sneak along, just enjoying it, like an unexpected stop somewhere, to walk about in the countryside.

    I really loved this:

    love bloomed with summer
    a shift of light and fragrance
    zephyrs and blue skies

    and the 2 last lines of it just really worked some magic 🙂

    I also like how you used a pivot within the whole suite and then slowly walked us back out – it is really subtle but well done.

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    1. Thank you for the welcome back, Pat, and for commenting in such detail. I was worried it might be too flowery (I love wild flowers and meadows) or too romantic (but that is the theme of the month!).

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      1. flowers rock! wildflower meadows and all things blooming, but then, I’m partial to it myself. It’s about summer love – and romance is just part of the parcel and interpretation, so off you go, running along – besides, write to YOUR heart’s content, – that’s what counts/matters — as it pleases you 🙂

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