Dance Like the Universe

If I could
­                        dance like the universe,
I hope I would
­                        be partnered with planets,
I’d execute a perfect
grand jete
­                        over shooting stars,
or tread a measure
­                        on the surface of Mars,
I imagine I would
­                         whirl and shoot through space,
and explode
­                         into uncountable atoms,
a sparkling star with a smiling face.

Kim M. Russell, 24th July 2019

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My response to Poets United Midweek Motif: Dance

Sumana is our host this Wednesday with extracts from lyrics, quotations and poems about dance.  She says the whole universe is in a dance mode and is interested to see where we find that rhythm and beat to capture in our new poems. She suggests it might be in the flow of a river; in rolling of waves; in raindrops; in the rhythm of seasons, day and night; in the flight of a bird; in birth; in death; in a stage performance.

Sumana reminds us that there are numerous forms / types of dance to write about as well as well-known dancers. She says we could even write about dance costumes, props, masks and shoes.

32 thoughts on “Dance Like the Universe

  1. Preferably I would prefer it if the bits in space didn’t jiggle about too much but just continue on without too much disturbance to our Earth. Humans should not dance around in space all the while they can’t manage their own planet wisely. Your poem however is beautiful and so well written.

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