Late Summer Light

Chinese lantern
the brightness within
a bee
­                                                                 soft humming accompanied
­                                                                 by the crackle of crickets
flowers by the door
nameless except for the color
of these blue days
­                                                                 overblown roses scatter
­                                                                 petals in the dusty hall
sheaves of grass
water that does not break
flows in ripples
­                                                                 stems deadening into straw
­                                                                 bent and bronzing with sunset
late summer grasses
above their roots the seeds
nearly touching
­                                                                 sharing their whispered secrets
­                                                                 with a whirr of grasshoppers
barbed wire
the best berry bushes
­                                                                 sweet swell of shiny black fruit
­                                                                 dark globules among sharp thorns
in foggy moonlight
blackberries float in cream
her nails are blue
­                                                                 miasma of mosquitos
­                                                                 dissipating into night
Jane Reichhold                                        Kim M. Russell, 29/08/2019

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My response to Carpe Diem #1735 Renga With Jane Reichhold: Chinese Lantern

After a week away, I have come back to a delightful Renga With Jane episode!


6 thoughts on “Late Summer Light

    1. I’m glad too! I have just come back from looking after my grandson in 30 degrees heat which, for me , is much too hot. I’m looking forward to cooler days and autumn colours. 🙂


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