Adam’s Peak

so many footprints
on the sacred mountain’s path
steps of devotion

Kim M. Russell, 1st September 2019

Image result for Adam's Peak Sri Lanka
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My response to Carpe Diem #1737 Introduction to a month full of devotion: Adam’s Peak

We have started a new month of prompts entitled ‘An Act of Devotion’ on the familiar theme of pilgrimages. Today we’re visiting Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka, a 2243m conical mountain, which is also known as Sri Pada, which translates as ‘Sacred Foot’: Buddhists believe it is the footprint of Buddha;  Hindus that it’s the footprint of Shiva; and Muslims and Christians that it’s the footprint of Adam.

7 thoughts on “Adam’s Peak

  1. I’m so sorry if this is a duplicate comment. I never know if WordPress has sent my comments to a moderation queue or just into limbo forever.
    I can certainly understand why people would want to visit this beautiful place.

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