Leaf Thief

The wind is boasting.
I try to turn a deaf ear
but it whispers louder,
forcing me to hear
about the havoc it wreaked
in the topmost branches
of the beech trees,
and the leaves it has nicked
and blown from there
to here.

Kim M. Russell, 9th September 2019

Beech Grove I, 1902 - Gustav Klimt
Beech Grove by Gustav Klimt – image found on wikiart.org

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Quadrille: Quick! Nick us a poem!

De is our host this Monday and she asks us to write a poem with exactly 44 words incorporating the word ‘nick’ in any of its meanings and forms.

43 thoughts on “Leaf Thief

  1. It’s nice to see that image – I love Klimt’s woodlands, much prefer them to his figures. I like the poem very much, as well, the personification of the wind, and the start of autumn. There’s a breezy postivity to this that I like a lot.

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    1. Thank you so much, Sarah. I’m a big fan of Klimt’s work – his landscapes are sublime. And how can one not be positive about autumn’s blustery winds, the prospect of kicking leaves, the wonderful colours… I could spout on and on!


  2. Autumn is legion, and each member has a different pace and agenda. Still Indian Summer here, though we had a huge thunder storm a few nights ago that knocked our power out.

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    1. The one time I visited America we stayed in New York during September. The leaves in Central Park were so impressive, such wonderful colours. It’s getting like that here. We’ve recently had some windy days, although this morning is quite still.


  3. Have always loved beech trees. When we were dating — 50+ years ago — George was out on a field trip and actually sent me a post card, through the mail, written on beech bark! 🙂 I’ve always had a soft spot for that type of tree ever since! 🙂
    Do love the autumn season and oh yes….that wind can nick the leaves for sure!

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