Do Cats Purr When Humans Aren’t Around?

As soon as she jumps on my lap,
she throttles up and purrs,
a rumble in her windpipe,
palpable Tartini tones
that make my heartbeat skip.

I often wonder if she still
vibrates, trills, and chirrups
when I’m not tickling
her around the face or nape,
or playing with her ears.

Do little purrs of joy escape
when she’s sunning on a wall?
Or is it a sound that felines make
to keep humans in their thrall?

Kim M. Russell, 30th September 2019

Mojo again

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Try Everything!

This Monday, Rommy would like to celebrate exploration in poetry and wants us to stretch ourselves a bit by breaking out of our poetic comfort zones and trying either a subject or a poetic format we haven’t explored too often (or at all).  I’ve gone for something quirky with a bit of whimsical humour.

23 thoughts on “Do Cats Purr When Humans Aren’t Around?

  1. Love the whimsical humor in this one, Kim! ❤️ Especially; “Or is it a sound that felines make to keep humans in their thrall? I love cats 😀 and feel they exude an aura of royalty.

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  2. If a cat purrs, and no one hears it, does it make a sound… yes Kim, I have heard our cat purr like a precision little magic motor, while she preens in our sun window. Love your poetic inquiry here.

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    1. Thank you, Sherry. Mojo constantly purrs when she’s anywhere near me, and especially when she settles down to sleep on my hip at night! Luna only purrs when she’s on my lap.


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