Dark Chocolate

The day was blackly overcast, rain fell steadily, and Alice hadn’t seen a soul all day, not even her nosy neighbour. She’d almost given up hope, when the doorbell rang. In the hallway, she screwed up her eyes, trying to identify the silhouetted outline in the patterned glass of the front door. The bell rang again.

Alice unhooked the security chain, edged open the door, and peered round it like a paranoid cuckoo in a clock. It was her mother, collar up, scarf tucked in, leather-gloved hands clutching a carrier bag.

“Darling!” she exclaimed and leaned in to kiss Alice.

“What are you doing here, Mother?”

“Your father has left me, and the day couldn’t get any darker. If it’s darkness we’re having, let it be extravagant.”

She pulled from the bag an extra-large bar of expensive dark chocolate and a Jeroboam of champagne.

Kim M. Russell, 11th November 2019

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My response to dVerse Poets Pub Prosery: Meet Jane Kenyon

Victoria is our guest host for this month’s Prosery. The line of poetry is from ‘Taking Down the Tree’ by Jane Kenyon, an American poet, which Victoria found in a book of her collected poems:

” If it’s darkness we’re having,
let it be extravagant.”

39 thoughts on “Dark Chocolate

      1. Not that far away in Dilham – between Stalham and Wroxham. Years ago I taught at Cliff Park and Lynn Grove. My late father-in-law and my other in-laws live in Belton.

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      2. Wow, yea, I know that area, though not as well as I’d like. I walk a lot, and I don’t drive, so to get anywhere requires buses. And Sanders is such a long winding journey, not much time left for the walk.
        And I’ve known lots of the pupils from Cliff Park, though my own childred attended Yarmouth High.
        So… hi! Small world.

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