Of Clouds and Sea

No sky’s completely cloudless,
there are clouds we cannot see,
tiny breathless drops of hope
above a hopeless sea.

Although we know it’s boundless,
and its waves forever restless,
human beings can be feckless
in the ocean’s cold embrace,
and our bodies spiral, weightless,
to the bottom of the sea.

But our atoms, although formless,
are completely rootless,
free to dissipate, quite helpless,
in salty sunbathed waves,
become tiny drops of careless
clouds above a hopeless sea.

Kim M. Russell, 12th November 2019

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My response to dVerse Poets Pub Poetics: Less is More, More or Less

Laura is our host this week, reminding us that Christmas is around the corner with one of the more self-evident messages of the season: ‘less is more’, a saying that was adopted from Robert Browning’s poem ‘Andrea del Sarto’.

Laura shares poems with similar messages, from Natasha Trethewey and Wendell Berry. She also reminds us that the suffix ‘less’ has both negative and positive connotations, and even neutral ones.

Our challenge is to choose ONE or MORE from a given list of words, which should be included in the body and/or title of our poems. If possible, we should a soupçon of hopefulness, as hope is the message in this first advent week!

20 thoughts on “Of Clouds and Sea

  1. You used a lot of “less” words. I took the less is more and wrote an American Sentence using one of the less words. The first verse is excellent. Although when people italicize the used words, it distracts me a bit.

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