First Cry

after heavy snow
bright daffodils and tulips
a grandchild’s cry

Kim M. Russell, 20th January 2020

First Cry

My response to Carpe Diem #1801 New Beginnings: first cry

In today’s challenge, the ‘first cry’ might be cry of a new-born human or an animal. Chèvrefeuille says that maybe, with super hearing, we might hear the first blossoms cry.

My grandson will be two years old in March. Days before he was born, we were recovering from the ‘beast from the east’, which brought chaos to the UK. I didn’t think I’d make it in time for his birth. I remember looking out of the train window and seeing shoots and buds of flowers poking through the snow on the railway sidings. It was a relief to arrive and discover I hadn’t missed anything – he was taking his time.


16 thoughts on “First Cry

  1. Such a lovely memory!
    I was watching a documentary about the bad winter in the U.K. in the winter of 1962 – 1963. It plays a part in the story I’m currently working on.

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    1. It certainly was, Janice! I’m so glad we have the Internet; we Facetalk almost every day. He has a good vocabulary and he’s not even two yet – and he loves books.


      1. Our ‘baby’ grandson is taller than me I noticed this weekend. His voice had started changing just in the last two weeks. He and I have sewn together several times. Even gave him a small sewing machine one year for Christmas. After having him stop so we could measure each other and I was looking slightly up into his eyes I made a comment. “You are getting so big and grown you’ll not want to sew together any more.” His answer, “Grandma, that will NEVER happen.” So keep up the Facetalk and build those memories. There is a saying that grandchildren are the reward for not killing our teenage children!

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      2. That’s lovely, Janice. I’m sure your grandson will continue sewing with you as long as he can. I will definitely keep up the Facetalk – I don’t want to miss a thing!

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