Spring is already here…

In our garden we have green daffodil leaves, a small clump of snowdrops, buds on the cherry tree and honeysuckle tendrils. I’ve seen catkins dangling from branches and fuzzy pussy willow buds on my way to and from home. And we have cock pheasants strutting about noisily, facing up to each other.

Mother Nature hums
her green footprints everywhere
new cycle’s begun

Kim M. Russell, 3rd February 2020

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Haibun Monday: Spring

Frank T is our host this week, asking us to put a little spring in our steps and enjoy that first taste of spring. He says that Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring on Ground Hog’s Day, and we seem to be having something closer to spring temperatures, even here in the UK.

Frank reminds us that spring begins in February, according to traditional lunar calendars, and asks what better time to anticipate the season of rebirth in spring haibun?

38 thoughts on “Spring is already here…

    1. Thank you, Sarah. At the moment our garden seems to be vibrating with new life. I’m worried we will get another cold snap – it’s so cold here at the moment.


  1. We’ve had an exceptionally mild winter and the last two days have been warm (26°C) and everything has exploded. I hope your weather gets milder soon, but that’s one of the beauties of spring, the slow growth. Make the most of it 🙂

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      1. Not for Easter, but I’m travelling by train to stay with my daughter in the second week of March. I’d love some good weather, with a little wind so we can fly the kite I got Lucas for Christmas.

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  2. I call this February blitz a false spring, atypical like Indian Summer into October. We’re expecting snow this week; poor pussy willow buds.

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    1. The seasons have shifted so much, I wouldn’t be surprised if we had snow too. When my grandson was born we’d just had snow at the end of February into the first few days of March.


  3. Mother Nature hums, how beautiful is that image, she is welcoming new birth, a hum is so befitting. I read about the legend around snowdrops recently and want to see one for myself one day, such gracious flowers.

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  4. Aren’t the first tastes of spring grand? Your mention of pussy willows always reminds me of our children’s pediatrician’s tale. Mind you, my children are now 43 and 45! He always used to say he could tell it was spring when he got his first call from a frantic parent that their child had a pussy willow stuck up their nose!!! True story 🙂 So I always smile when I see pussy willows! 🙂

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