Moonlight Moving

moonlight moving
with the gate as the servant girl
takes an evening
­                                                               overhead branches entwined
­                                                               to catch beams and falling stars
morning fog
dreams not buried
deep enough
­                                                               rotting among the topsoil
­                                                               with corpses of fallen leaves
Saturday rain
desire by a warm stove
for an affair
­                                                               rising steam from damp clothing
­                                                               passionate recollection
delicate forms
for a spirit
­                                                                following the river home
­                                                                so many silver salmon
spring sunshine
the strangeness of his perfectly
normal thumbnail
­                                                                a halfmoon measuring sky
­                                                                behind a surreal raincloud
kids laughing
in the neighbor’s house
the childless couple
­                                                                their servant girl has grown up
­                                                                no longer amenable

Jane Reichhold                                      Kim M. Russell, 25th February 2020

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Image found on Pinterest

My response to Carpe Diem #1817 Renga With Jane Reichhold: Moonlight Moving

Today our challenge is to create a Renga With Jane Reichhold, in which we add two-lined stanzas to given haiku, creating a Junicho (a 12-stanza renga). We can choose your own line-up, but must start with a specific haiku.

A tricky challenge!

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