The One Who Does Not Go Straight Home

I am the hare
who does not go
straight home.

I relish the cool dew
on my whiskers,
the wind in ears and scut.

Dawn steals
past the farmer’s gate
and I follow in its honeyed wake,

zig-zagging fields,
up and down hills,
among the yellow daffodils,

too full of giddiness
to go straight home to bed.

I stop,
watch the sun poke
holes in the grey,

and revel in its brightness
just a little longer
before I am ready to relinquish the day.

Kim M. Russell, 5th March 2020

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A March hare poem for dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night, also linked to Poets and Storytellers United Writers’ Pantry

Sarah and I recently read a most enjoyable, anecdotal, non-fiction book by Tom Cox, stave by stave with The Pigeonhole. It’s a celebration of British countryside and eccentricity called Ring the Hill, in which Tom Cox devotes much of a chapter to the hare. He shares a list of its many colloquial names, one of which really spoke to me and compelled me to use it in a poem, hence the title of this one.

I won’t be writing any poems or linking up any old ones next week, as I will be focusing on my grandson, who till be two years old tomorrow!

69 thoughts on “The One Who Does Not Go Straight Home

  1. A lovely tale of joyous freedom and living for love of the day.
    Scut is a wonderful word, isn’t it?
    Enjoy your time with your lovely grandson – the birthday boy, two!
    Anna :o]

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    1. Thank you, Anna! I agree about the word ‘scut’ -apparently it dates back to over 400 years, but you don’t hear or see it these days. Sadly , I won’t see Lucas tomorrow, but I’ll make up for it when I get there!


  2. The poet and the hare, shades of Watership Down. The frolic is infectious. I like the line /dawn steals past the farmer’s gate/. Cool making the hare first person too.

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  3. Lovely read Kim… It made me want to be a hare – for at least as I was reading your lovely rendition of this creatures pastoral existence…

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  4. This is delightfully woven, Kim! 💝 I especially love; “I stop, watch the sun poke holes in the grey, and revel in its brightness just a little longer.” 😀

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  5. I love this poem, the hare enjoying the present moment as full-heartedly as creatures do. Enjoy your grandson’s birthday. Two is such a precious age.

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  6. A great, fresh vibrant write – even second time around this morning… My favourite lines:

    “I stop,
    watch the sun poke
    holes in the grey…” Stellar stuff…

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