Life Goes On

This strangely cocooned life is dominated by reflections.
Just months ago, we still had visions.
All we see now is on a TV screen
and framed by windowpanes.

Without us, life goes on.

Clouds drift, a bird flies by, a flower blooms
while we reflect in our shrinking rooms.

Will the cloud, the bird, the flower know when we are gone?

Kim M. Russell, 3rd April 2020

Bird In Sky Behind Window High-Res Stock Photo - Getty Images

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads NaPoWriMo Day 3 Play it Again in April 2020: Existentialism

Today’s existentialism prompt is from April 3, 2013. Kerry shared ‘Futility’ by Wilfred Owen as an example of an existentialist poem, in which ‘the environment is harsh, the speaker feels isolated from the society he has sworn to protect, and relates his sense of hopelessness at leading his men to their deaths’.

I’m merging this prompt with Kerry’s Skylover Wordlist, sourced from Dylan Thomas’s poetry collection Deaths and Entrances, from which the third word is ‘vision’.

21 thoughts on “Life Goes On

  1. The birds trill every morning.and are oblivious to our woes. As everyone has said,we will not be missed but our absence will be noted because the planet will rejuvenate and be a better pl;ace to inhabit.

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    1. Thank you, Lill, and you. It seems to be getting worse here and in the US. The only thing we can do is stay at home and make the best of the peace and quiet. I just got back from doing three circuits around the football pitch with only the wind, birds and my own shadow for company.

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