No Fallacy

Below brisk grey skies, the landscape folded
in on itself, exhausted from the iron rod

of a long dark winter. One April morning,
I awoke to the whisper and whistle of spring:

tentative promises opened in snowdrops
bowing and pearled with dewdrops,

fanfared in sunshine and a blaze of blossom,
intent on sparkling and banishing the gloom.

Kim M. Russell, 8th April 2020

No Fallacy

My response to Poets and Storytellers United Weekly Scribblings #14: Let’s use Pathetic Fallacy, shall we?

Sanaa welcomes us to another round of Weekly Scribblings and pathetic fallacy, a kind of personification that gives human emotions to inanimate objects of nature, particularly weather, and gives us examples from Rilke, Keats, Shakespeare and Wordsworth.

Our challenge is to use the pathetic fallacy in poetry and prose, addressing what’s stirring inside us and remembering to attach the natural phenomenon to the feeling, the tone, or mood of the character, speaker or setting.



23 thoughts on “No Fallacy

  1. This is absolutely stunning, Kim! 💝 I love; “tentative promises opened in snowdrops,” and the title in itself is brilliant. Thank you so much for writing to the prompt. 😍😍

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    1. They’ve already arrived here, and I’m grateful for blue skies and green buds. It will be Spring with a capital P when the cherry tree blossoms.


  2. As a desert dweller, I’m well acquainted with exhausted landscapes. But even they have something to teach me, and so I listen.

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  3. I like the personification of the sun’s Ray’s aka “sunshine” being “intent on sparkling.” A bright side to the dreariness before.

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