My Feline Muse

I did not choose my muse,
the god Bastet owned me;
I fell for the sunrise in her eyes,
her tamed ferocity, soft fur,
and her full throttle purr.
She favours my chest and hip
as the spots on which she sleeps,
riding the waves of dreams
with me, kneading us into shape,
a comforting companionship.

Kim M. Russell, 21st April 2020

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Poetics: Companions

Linda, our host for this week’s Poetics, has started her prompt with a quote from Christopher Hitchens, whose many programmes on BBC Radio 4 I have listened to with interest. And this quote is spot on.

She says that one constant that hasn’t changed at all in her life is her relationship with her dog. She has shared a poem that drives home the essence of a dog and asks us to write about our own companion(s): fish, dog, cat, bird, hamster or whatever.

We did have a dog for many years and, when he died, we found it hard to replace him, he was such a character. But I could never be without cats.  

19 thoughts on “My Feline Muse

    1. When I got Jasper to keep my daughter company when we moved from London to Norfolk, we already had a cat called Max. He soon put the dog in his place and they got along handsomely. Sadly Max died of old age and then Jasper followed him. Now we just have the two cats, both queens, who are proper scaredy cats. If we brought a dog home, they’d pack their bags! ,


  1. I love this poem so much and envy you the companionship. I am not allowed to have a dog – landlords in Canada almost universely say “no pets”. Sigh. But I remember when I did live with fur companions and it was wonderful.

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    1. I’ve had cats, or rather they’ve owned me, since I was a teenager and can’t imagine life without one. What a shame you can’t have pet, Sherry!


  2. You had me at “her tamed ferocity”, which sums up felines. Often we had cats and dogs. Some of them were strays And moved on, others stayed until their dying day.

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