No More Red

Although in our hearts and souls a fire
has taken hold, crimson only burns
up the canvas, fuels and lights the war,
sticky as blood, congealing the soil
and nothing nourishing will grow.
The verdure of peace is a welcome balm,
it cools the heat and keeps us calm.

Kim M. Russell, 9th June 2020

Earth And Green by Mark Rothko
Earth and Green by Mark Rothko, 1955 (fair use)

My response to earthweal weekly challenge: Environmental Justice

11 thoughts on “No More Red

  1. “The verdure of peace is a welcome balm” – such a soothing line. As Seamus Heaney said, the redress of poetry is a solution to the violence of the time, if only as simile. Thanks for bringing this to earthweal – Brendan

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  2. Funny how in the painting, green dominates–the red can not constrain it. But in your poem the red seems stronger, with the verdure of peace a brief balm. May all of our taking part in the balm help it restore balance.

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