I have a poem in this month’s issue of Visual Verse, and I’m in great company again, including Jane Dougherty and Frank Hubeny, to name but two of the writers. I really like the sepia-toned image by an unknown artist (circa 1880) from the Getty Open Content Program, which inspired me to write something lighthearted. You can find my poem on page 36 of the June 2020 issue, Vol. 7, Chap. 8, or you can go directly to the poem, entitled Fancy!

Linking up to dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night.

43 thoughts on “Fancy!

    1. Thanks Sarah! Sometimes the picture they choose for Visual Verse is so strange it takes a while to get my head around it. I couldn’t take this one too seriously, not with cats in it.


  1. Congratulations, Kim! 💝 This is a beautiful poem 😀 I love; “A cat won’t follow orders, it walks all alone.” Such truth in this! 🙂

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  2. Yes, Congrats and kudos. An odd image to work off of; excellent response by you. I’m going to submit a poem to Visual Verse too.

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    1. Thank you, Glenn. Look out for the prompt on the 1st or second of July. They always find the strangest images and you never know what they will come up with next. You can look at the full range of previous images to get an idea of what they’re like.


  3. Very nice last line about dogs and cats both loving a fight. I enjoyed the sound of the rhyme and meter.

    Thank you for noting that my poem was in there. I heard about Visual Verse from one of your dVerse links a few months ago.

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  4. kaykuala

    and dog walkers make sure to always hold tight
    because dogs will chase cats, and they both love a fight.

    The never-ending story among ‘arch enemies’ of old
    Brilliantly told
    Great rhyming
    As can be seen, Kim!


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