A Little Love Song

You embrace us in your hills and pastures,
and suckle us from softly gleaming rivers.

You nurture us with fruit, plant and grain,
and show us how to grow them all again.

You teach us how to flourish together
like trees in forests and birds of a feather.

And what do we give you in return?
We cut down trees, let forests burn,

fill oceans with our toxic waste,
rape and pillage, fight and hate.

Yet you love us unconditionally from birth,
and we must learn to love you better Mother Earth.

Kim M. Russell, 15th June 2020

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My response to earthweal weekly challenge: Love Songs to Mother Earth

After a week of turmoil and protests across the world, Sherry tells us about the Nuu chah nulth people, who have been caretakers of the land for ten thousand years, and have strict protocols for how they tend the earth. She says that their beliefs speak to her as they understand that we are only one part of nature, not its masters

Sherry also tells us about a rally where they sang a love song, so, for this week’s challenge, Sherry wants us to follow the example of the Tla-o-qui-aht and write love songs to Mother Earth.

20 thoughts on “A Little Love Song

  1. This is so beautiful, Kim, and is something that i think of all the time, how Mother Earth gives us so much, even while we are treating her so badly. Sigh. We do need to love her better.

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  2. Little, but lovely, Kim – and powerful. You’re right, we need to see where true nourishment comes from, and recognise our foolishness.

    I can’t believe the pictures of people queuing outside Nike and Primark today. The world is drowning in crap. Don’t we all have enough stuff? I was hopeful that lockdown would bring about change, feeling pretty pessimistic today. These love songs are doing me good.

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    1. Thank you, Sarah! I was shocked at the queues too. They can’t have much in their lives, to be straining at the bit like that just to visit Primark – and some other shops. I hate shopping anyway, so I can’t see me doing it soon. I do miss going for a coffee in Norwich with my friend – I haven’t seen her since before Christmas. I also thought that there would e a change. Love songs it is then. 🙂


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