Full Swelter

We can’t blame Helios for burning at full swelter,
as he has always done.
Dedalus may have made the wings but Icarus was drawn,
like all who followed
sun or moon or Mars and tumbled helter-skelter,
mystified by darkness,
dazzled by light and heat, aiming for the unknown.
We neglected the familiar,
colour-blind to Earth and the beauty that she shelters,
always confident
that humans can win the race that we must always run.
But when forced to take a breath
while Mother Earth reflects and re-adjusts her filter,
we never cease to worship and be glamoured by the sun.

Kim M. Russell, 4th July 2020

The Fall Of Icarus by Marc Chagall: History, Analysis & Facts
The Fall of Icarus by Marc Chagall found on WikiArt.org

My response to earthweal open link weekend #27

I took my title from Brendan’s weekend essay. To all my friends in the US, have a peaceful Fourth of July.

14 thoughts on “Full Swelter

  1. Thank you Kim. Enjoyed this poem. I like your lines about neglecting the familiar. We’ve taken earth’s beauty and bounty for granted. Have a good week-end.

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  2. The line about us being colour-blind to earth and the beauty that she shelters really strikes me. Even in her distress, she still unfolds wonders for us every day. Beautiful poem, Kim.

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  3. Like that Icarus, we need to learn not to be so hot for the sun, too in love with our confidence that “humans can win the race that we must always run.” Do I smell wings burning? The myth gives you a great sounding board. – Brendan

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