The Ghost Returns

I gave up following little footprints
in the dust long ago. I was bored
with finding them on the table,
wooden floor and stairs, invisible
to everyone but me.

I’d started to feel sick
each time I felt her fingers flick
and pinch my arms or stroke my cheek,
and moved to the other side of the bed,
away from the dip in the mattress
and the hollows in my pillows.

But lately, I’ve noticed a small
shadow flickering on the wall,
a faint trace of perfume in the hall,
and someone gently holds my warm hand
in her cold one when I’m feeling sad.

Kim M. Russell, 15th July 2020

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My response to Poets and Storytellers United Weekly Scribblings #28: Seeing Things

Today Rommy would like us to shape our words around the phrase ‘seeing things’. What comes to mind when we hear or read that expression? I immediately thought of my recent poem ‘Little Ghost’, which I posted on 6th July: and decided to give the ghost another chance.

28 thoughts on “The Ghost Returns

  1. I love how this feels like a story, starting off with unease and fear, then evolving into understanding and companionship. I feel like there are hints about other aspects of the speaker’s life too here. (Is the ghost the only one who notices the speaker’s sadness? If so, why?) Good stuff.

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  2. This is expertly wrought, Kim! 💝 I love the eerie atmosphere and sensory images in this poem especially; “shadow flickering on the wall, a faint trace of perfume in the hall, and someone gently holds my warm hand.” 💝

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  3. I enjoyed your ghostly visitor in both poems, with a preference for this piece for both poetic reasons and the mood. Comfort when needed is always welcome, I think, wherever it comes from. I have some ghosts who turn up lovingly when I need a bit of reassurance.

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