Two More Weeks

I have two more weeks
of dislocation
from the world
until I can hook myself
back up to life

How will I feel?

I will freeze
at the first glimpse
of a masked face?

to navigate
a supermarket?

of measuring
social distance
by eye
without a ruler?

Lost for words?

this cool house
I have conversations
with myself

I wear pyjamas until lunchtime.

the thought of lingering
in sunshine
maybe drinking cappuccino
is tantalising.

I could watch
real people as they pass
at a safe distance.

I will wear a mask.

the world has moved on.

life goes on.

Kim M. Russell, 18th July 2020

Two Weeks

A poem for earthweal open link weekend #29

23 thoughts on “Two More Weeks

  1. I like your poem. It’s fun to think of how we’ll behave when we are able to move about freely. We had a brief interlude of being able to do more thIngs then the Covid cases spiked again. I’m back to mostly staying home again. Mask wearing is becoming the new normal here too. What a weird world we lve in now.

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      1. I have cotton ones as well. One of my daughters made them. Like you I am yet to wear one but the latest advice is to do so here if you can’t social distance

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  2. You’ll be okay. We went for a long walk around Swanbourne Lake at Arundel yesterday. Lots of room, and fresh air, everyone seems aware and thoughtful. I also went into Sainsbury’s for the first time yesterday since the beginning of March (we’ve sheltered because of Peder’s diabetes and my A’Fib heart issues), and the aisles were nearly empty of shoppers. I avoided the people not wearing a mask, and there were a fair number of them! I think I’ll continue with grocery deliveries for a while (because we can) but I won’t be afraid to pop into Sainsbury’s if need be. Waitrose (my usual) I’m still avoiding because it’s chaos in there. But be of good cheer; it’s not nearly as frightening out there as we assume.

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    1. That’s funny! In our local town it’s the other way round, according to my husband. At Waitrose, they only let in 25 shoppers at a time and there’s an orderly queue of masked people outside, whereas Sainsbury is less orderly and Tesco is a nightmare!


      1. My neighbour says our local Tesco is well organised, clear directional arrows, and wide aisles. I haven’t been there yet. I’ll stick with home delivery for a while.

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  3. I have diabetes, so am nervous about going into town. I bought washable masks with a sliver filter back in March – we use them when we shop (although youngest son is doing most of our shopping). Not at all sure about eating in a pub or resturant ! Gut feeling says AVOID.

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    1. Me too, diabetes and asthma. I managed to get some masks but haven’t worn one yet. My husband has been doing all the shopping. I’m going to my daughter’s for my birthday, David will drive, and she’s planning a birthday lunch or afternoon tea at The Ivy I Guildford. She had suggested Winchester, but that’s too adventurous for me. 😊

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  4. It is an adjustment. I live in a village so, mostly, when outside dont have to wear a mask as long as we social distance when passing each other – which we do. But we wear them inside the store and post office or anywhere where we are near people indoors. Right now we are inundated with tourists and NONE of them are wearing masks. Sigh.

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    1. We have a lot of holiday makers with tents at the campsite farther up the road and boats moored up at the bridge. They pass out cottage in th way to the pub. No masks. Otherwise our village is much like yours.


  5. It took me awhile to get used to being out and unafraid. I still get my groceries delivered, but I can manage the post office, the bank, walking, and talking to my neighbors and the maintenance people in my building. The mask is a pain, but we are part of a community and need to protect each other. (K)

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  6. The world seems surreal at the moment. I venture out rarely and wear a mask, but not all my fellow citizens are so inclined. Their freedom at the cost of public health. 😦

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  7. I only go out to shop, wear a mask, then return to my sanctum. I’m diabetic too, so I’m cautious. It’s sad that not all people care enough to do this one simple thing.

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  8. There’s a disconnect in the global pandemic, time which was whirling before is spinning three directions at once … Here in Florida, the doors have been wide open for a month now, to our common coming peril … It’s hard to even remember the shut down. Well, you’ll be on to things while we’re stuck eventually in a prolonged and dismal second lockdown … Loved the conversation here between shutdown I and writing I. That vantage will remain a shelf in whatever is to follow … Thanks for bringin’ it to earthweal. – Brendan

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  9. I don’t have a desire to return to the world as it was at all but like you I feel a café calling, it will feel so normal to people watch again. And not just to watch if they are observing social-distancing or wearing a mask. I think you have to take it really slowly and build up your comfort zone. Thanks for your poem that captures this moment.

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