an inhalation
penetrating lungs and soul
exhaled as a breath
molecules of life and death
recycled in sweet repose

Kim M. Russell, 2nd September 2020


Repose (1911), oil on canvas. John Singer Sargent (1856 – 1925), Image found on Wikimedia Commons

My response to Poets and Storytellers United Weekly Scribblings #35: The Joy of Rest

Rommy says that, in today’s over-busy world, we sometimes forget the importance of taking a break, and she would like us to get to work on writing about rest.

17 thoughts on “Breath

  1. Oooooh…I’m a big fan of this small piece. I want this tanka on a scroll while I practice tea. I love how you convey the idea of balance as flow instead of a static point.

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  2. Made me aporeciate being able to appreciate our breaths of life. On our TV News this morning a COVID-19 recovered man was featured as he was left with lungs that were ruined. So he had double lung transplant surgery, one of seven U.S COVID patients having this. Mrs. Jim’s sister recovered from her double pneumonia complicstion but with damaged lungs and other complications. She tested negative for two successive weeks but died of the resulting complications.


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