Armageddon Revisited

The man said global warming was fake news,
a conspiracy, a feeble attempt to screw
a thriving economy.

The man said it was fine to own a rifle or handgun,
as long as it was just for fun, to carry on
hunting without a care.

The man said he needed more electricity,
forget turbines, solar panels and the sea,
go nuclear.

The following year, my garden withered,
trees died, animals starved and shivered
in monochrome winter.

Now bleached bark and bone in my garden
are a tribute to Armageddon,
a sad reminder.

Kim M. Russell, 2017

For earthweal open link weekend

A poem which was originally published in 2017 in Visual Verse Volume 04, Chapter 06, image by Spooky Pooka.  

14 thoughts on “Armageddon Revisited

  1. You compressed a global disaster into these neat and devastating stanzas. The harvest is “bleached bark and bone.” Now we are deeply into consequence and our options are few. And as there are recurrent cycles of renewal, there too recurrent Armageddons. Love the pic. Well done. – Brendan

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