A phoenix poem must first burn

one ember ignites
into undaunted new lines
phoenix wings aflame
poems learn to fly again
leaving their ashes behind

Kim M. Russell, 9th September 2020

Image result for Burning Phoenix Bird | Phoenix tattoo, Phoenix artwork,  Phoenix images

My response to Poets and Storytellers United Weekly Scribblings #36: ‘a phoenix first must burn’

Magaly is back this Wednesday, inviting us to birth new poetry or prose inspired by the phrase ‘a phoenix first must burn’.

Image found on Pinterest.

21 thoughts on “A phoenix poem must first burn

  1. My beloved Kim, this is the poem I needed today. I’ve been going through my writing files–for what seems like forever–and some of the pieces have made me wonder if they are worth rewriting. Your poem inspires me to take a deeper look, to summon the feelings that inspired the pieces, to take the time to burn away the bad bits and see what soars from the ashes.

    You rock!

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  2. It’s kind of exciting to me when I go over my half formed scribbles, months or even years later, and say “y’know…there’s something pulsing in here that needs a second look”. It can sometimes hurt when most of that word doodle gets tossed, but ooh it’s so good when the snippets that get used become something much bigger than I thought they’d be.

    LOL, so yes, I love this piece.

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  3. We could pass on in printed form with a disk or thumb stick. Quite a few of my family and some friends read mine, but I don’t know who unless I see these folks. Some say their kids gr grandkids read them, together. So mine will never be bad rated. I have a stapled together ‘book’ that a son gave me from his dad, my friend until he died. Ideas? Our granddaughter (11 now) writes some, she loves to do Acrostics. She didn’t know that I also like that and have some on my blogs.

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