Do you name your trees?

Late afternoon sunlight blinks
like my gold molar when I laugh.

It jokes among the honeysuckle leaves
that hug the cherry tree.

They are mapped with age spots and veins,
frustrated at their fading.

On the third shelf up,
surrounded by fiction books and poetry,

the photograph of my mother as a little girl
stares from a frame made of mother-of-pearl,

her eyes directed towards a waste bin
overflowing with words printed on old skin

with the life blood of countless trees –
words discarded by me.

Kim M. Russell, 15th September 2020

A poem for earthweal weekly challenge: Considering the non-human world

15 thoughts on “Do you name your trees?

  1. I love late afternoon sunlight, that turns the world golden. Wonderful to have honeysuckle and a cherry tree in your yard, a wealth of beauty and scent. I like the segue to the photo of your mother, and the connection of words and paper to trees. Lovely.

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  2. Very thoughtful poem. It reminds me of so many things from my childhood. The spiritual connections we shared with our mothers. That long afternoon walks with her and how she taught me different names of plants and trees in her born language. Thank you so sharing such an outstanding poem that have so many hidden meanings.

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