A Dolphin’s Smile

fishing nets
among glittering scales
a dolphin’s smile

Kim M. Russell, 6th September 2020

Closeup Of Dolphin In The Water High-Res Stock Photo - Getty Images

My response to Carpe Diem Celebrates Its 8th Anniversary, October 2020: Carpe Diem #1831 Dolphins

Today’s Carpe Diem seize the day prompt is ‘dolphin’, a friendly, graceful creature.  Chèvrefeuille says that the dolphin is considered to be the ‘king of fish’ by ancient cultures, and there many stories about dolphins and their powers.

Apparently, Celtic seafarers held the dolphin in high regard, and it became a symbol of friendship, intelligence, and good luck, probably related to the fact that dolphins were most commonly seen when the weather was fair and waves were calm.

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