This Blanket

this blanket
is the colour of sunset

it holds the warmth of fire glow
cuddles me from head to toe

is a place to read a scary story
a poetry repository

the cats adore it on my lap
where they have a cosy nap

Kim M. Russell, 5th October 2020






My response to dVerse Poets Pub Quadrille #113: Blanket Us

Merril is back, writing from southern New Jersey, where she says it’s beginning to look and feel like autumn and people are pulling out sweaters, hoodies and blankets.

I agree with Merril that there is something cosy and comforting about a blanket – I have one here with me in my study since my heater broke down last year. I didn’t have a security blanket when I was a child, but I suppose I have one now! It was a Christmas present from my husband several years ago; it’s soft and warm.

Today we are using blanket as a noun, adjective, or verb; describing a blanket, real or imagined; making a blanket statement – among other things – as long as our poems consist of 44 words.

I’ve written a cheerful quadrille to take my mind off the dreary weather.

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      1. They don’t send me that. It might be interesting to see what dopey questions they ask. I saw a video of BJ interviewed on Look North. I assumed it was a comic impersonator. My God! What has the UK got itself lumbered with!?

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