Medusa’s Demise

The metallic stench of blood slicks the rock
and tickles the throat. No wonder snakes

suffocate the silence with their incessant hiss.
Some break away, alarmed by the cold kiss

of death; some curl and spiral, others loop
and tie themselves in knots. Spattered drupes

of carmine, like red snakes’ eyes, gleam –
Medusa no longer has the power to see.   

Kim M. Russell, 25th October 2020

Head of Medusa by Peter Paul Rubens

A poem I wrote for The Ekphrastic Review’s Medusa challenge but wasn’t selected, to which I’ve made a small change and am sharing with Poets and Storytellers United Writers’ Pantry.

32 thoughts on “Medusa’s Demise

  1. Ekphrast-icky delicious. I had to look up “drupes”, which only added to the Icky-licious narrative. Thanks for sharing, KR. I think you met the challenge wonderfully, for what my opinion’s worth.

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  2. Very vivid scene. I never pictured it before, all the severed snakes. She is deserving of our pity though. She didn’t make herself such a monster, after all. The story has two very different sides to it.

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  3. By the time I was done reading, my eyes were bulging more than the ones in the image. Wonderfully vivid imagery can do that to the senses. No, I refused to say what the stench of blood did to my throat.

    Really good one, Kim. Shocking and rich.

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