Greening the Mind

Word-bound, I watch the coming winter
haunt the garden, eager to paint it silver.

I count the rags of blue sky overhead,
topped with grumbling thunderheads,

savour the smell of rich black earth, the gleam
of gold and lemon, not quite drowning out the green.

Trees drip with limpid air this green-gold morning
like words from my poetic pen, a warning

to the spectre of winter that, whatever his palette,
I will find a hint of green to thwart the manic.

Kim M. Russell, 2nd November 2020

My response to earthweal weekly challenge: Green Mind, Mad World, also linked to dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night

Brendan says, for this week’s challenge, he thought it wise to stay humble and close to the earth while the United (really?) States descends into election-day madness. At the same time, here in the United (not so sure about that) Kingdom, we are heading for another national lockdown.

While the mad orange dictator plans to endanger the planet even more by taking the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord on Nov. 4 and attempting to rip up the Endangered Species Act, we are trying to stay sane by writing about the things that steady and balance our minds and how we keep it green.

61 thoughts on “Greening the Mind

    1. I hope so, Ingrid, The thought of another lockdown is already playing with my head – I haven’t really left the house much at all since March, except for a week with my daughter. And then there’s tomorrow’s US election,…

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      1. I understand, Ingrid. It’s my daughter’s fortieth birthday on 22nd November and she was hoping to have a little break, but that’s not going to happen now. I was hoping to see them before Christmas, but that will be probably go out the window too. I can’t wait for this year to be over.

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  1. Yes you calmed us all with this. The rich detail so warms us – the “savour” and “gleam” of a “green-gold morning” — we go forth into the “manic” holding this song close. Great job, Kim. (And PS, a fine compression of my post in your recap!) – Brendan

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  2. Wonderful work, KR. Even though we’re currently down to our last blade of green here in northern Vermont, this resident of the allegedly United States thoroughly enjoyed the pasis you so masterfully provided for us here. Salute.

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  3. “I will find a hint of green” – This fervent declaration has such an awakening energy after the slow and thoughtful contemplation of cloud, sky, “black earth” and “limpid sky”. Beautiful, Kim.

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    1. Thank you, Dora. I’m lucky to still have plenty of green in the grande. The willow stays green much longer than the other trees. I have also
      had the company of two hen pheasants this morning – oh, they’ve just flown away I think one of our cats just crept up on them.


  4. I have written several poems about the Green over the years; one was titled CHLOROPUSCLE. I enjoyed your couplets and your message of defiance.

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  5. “Trees drip with limpid air this green-gold morning” such a rich image, Kim. You’re right, we need to keep things green in our spirits, despite the madness of the shadow that twirls about us.

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  6. This is lovely and peaceful, even with the ghost of winter. I like the appeal to the senses, and the final couplet
    to the spectre of winter that, whatever his palette,
    I will find a hint of green to thwart the manic.

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  7. I LOVE this, Kim! To find just a hint of green in the midst of winter….to thwart the manic. For me…..the Christmas season (not days, weeks, but a season) wards off the scene of skeleton trees outside my window. I love the Christmas tree….its ornaments are memories for me. The tiny white lights….the candles and garlands round the house….the collection of nutcrackers scattered in all the rooms. That for me thwarts the winter malaise and cold. Warms the heart for me. Love your imagery here…grumbling thunderheads and gleams of gold and lemon. Really enjoyed this one, Kim!

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  8. Love this especially; “Trees drip with limpid air this green-gold morning like words from my poetic pen, a warning to the spectre of winter,”… such gorgeous palette of colour in this one, Kim 💝💝

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  9. The poetic pen will always be a force to be reckoned with. I resonate with this poem and your thoughts on “Greening the mind.” We all live in uncertain times and even now that the election is over it still feels that way. But writing helps me.

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