Next Door’s Ghosts the Final Episode

“Pleased to finally meet you, Kay,” her next door neighbour said. “I’m Sally. I’ve seen you coming and going, and I’ve made friends with your lovely cat.”

“Which one?” asked Kay before she realised her mistake.

“Do you have more? I’ve only ever seen the one and he’s very friendly. I hope you don’t mind us putting down food for him. I know you come home late from work sometimes.”

Kay breathed a sigh of relief. No need to ask. She could spend the night at Ian’s flat knowing that Muffin would be fed and safe.

In the months that followed, Sally saw less of Kay and more of Muffin, who was making himself at home next door. In the last week of summer, Kay popped round to announce her engagement to Ian, with the wedding planned for Christmas. So it came as no surprise to Sally to see a ‘for sale’ sign go up. Kay and Ian were selling both house and flat, and moving closer to the city.

Sally was sad to say goodbye to Kay, but she was relieved when the house was sold quickly. A young couple snapped it up. They told her that they had big plans for renovation. Soon the builders arrived – and Sally’s dogs started their random barking.

It wasn’t just the dogs that unnerved Sally. It was the smell of pipe tobacco, the whistling in the garden, and the little old lady who appeared one day, knitting in the chair in the corner of the living room.

The final episode for Poets and Storytellers United Writers’ Pantry.

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