Next Door’s Ghosts the Final Episode

“Pleased to finally meet you, Kay,” her next door neighbour said. “I’m Sally. I’ve seen you coming and going, and I’ve made friends with your lovely cat.” “Which one?” asked Kay before she realised her mistake. “Do you have more? I’ve only ever seen the one and he’s very friendly. I hope you don’t mind […]

Next Door’s Ghosts Episode 7

Kay explained the situation and within minutes the man, who was becoming more and more attractive, with his calm manner and soothing voice, had opened his boot, produced a set of jump leads, and proceeded to rescue her like the proverbial knight. “You’re a life saver,” said Kay, when her engine purred and Ian had […]

Next Door’s Ghosts Episode 6

When Kay went down to make herself some tea and toast, Edith was still haunting the kitchen, drifting between the sink and the worktop. Kay manoeuvred herself around her until she realised it didn’t make any difference, and Edith passed through her anyway, which was a strange but not unpleasant feeling, like a surge of […]

Next Door’s Ghosts Episode 5

Once inside, she removed her jacket and shoes, and padded on stockinged feet into the living room. She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Robert walked up and down one side of the room, pipe smoke trailing behind him, the little old lady had taken over Kay’s armchair and was busy knitting, while the […]

Next Door’s Ghosts Episode 4

Instead of Robert’s ghostly whistling she heard loud builders’ voices, and instead of Robert’s pipe, she smelled the builders’ roll-ups whenever they had a cigarette break. She prayed for a quick finish and cursed when it went on past Christmas and into the New Year. Maurice the ghost cat stayed with her throughout the noisy […]

Next Door’s Ghosts Episode 3

Kay wasn’t surprised when she discovered the husband, Robert, in a corner of Edith’s garden, another friendly ghost. He never spoke, just lifted his cap in greeting. She started to listen out for his faint whistle and quite liked the smell of pipe smoke that drifted over the fence. Besides Kay, the only visitors to […]

Next Door’s Ghosts Episode 2

Of course, she told her neighbour, and Edith was not surprised. “That’s my cat, Maurice.” She smiled. “He was run over before he was six months old, and we buried him in the garden. But he preferred your garden, it always was a bit of a jungle.” The little old lady in the corner grinned, […]