I Don’t Care

Celebrities, don't tell me who are these talentless
clothes horses, always gurning and vacuous!
I really don’t care about Kardashian’s butt
or a real housewife of somewhere improving her pout.

Why are they given so much media space?
I much prefer a natural body and face

to the plasticity that appears on our screens,
natural talent to wannabees and has-beens.
I have no interest in the world of celebrity;
this is the last time I'll mention it in poetry.

Kim M. Russell, 15th April 2022

We are halfway through NaPoWriMo 2022, it’s Good Friday, our cherry tree and the honeysuckle outside my window are about to burst, and our challenge is to write poems about something we have absolutely no interest in – not quite the same as something we’re indifferent to. This prompt invites us to investigate some of the ‘why behind resolutely not giving two hoots about something. No image for this one!

21 thoughts on “I Don’t Care

    1. Marilyn, I don’t even watch Strictly, it’s all too much glitter and grin for me. I’m currently hooked on Art That Made Us and Secrets at the Museum, but I’m a sucker for drama, especially dark, crime, sci-fi, supernatural, and great British series like Gentleman Jack, Last Tango in Paris, Mothers, and Back to Life, with a touch of humour, that don’t take themselves too seriously.

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      1. BBC4 Saturday night is always good. We were looking forward to series 2 of Gentleman Jack but I’m annoyed by the constant chitchat over her shoulder to “us”. I find it gimmicky.

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  1. I’m putting my application forward to join your tribe Kim. Sometimes, I wonder if this is what scientists mean by ‘parallel universe.’ You’ve made your point very well in verse.

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