A Celebration of Light in Darkness

It’s the rasp of a lucifer strike
on a matchbox to light
a candle prayer or birthday wish;
the romance of a moonlight kiss;
the twinkle of a star in the density of night;
the slow creep of misty morning sunlight;
the afterglow of sunset as it fades to twilight;
fairy lights nestling in the needles of a tree;
the porch light, a beacon for you and me; 
winter ice glistening or fresh snow on water;
a mother’s look of love for her son or daughter.

Kim M. Russell, 14th December 2022

Image by Alexander grey on Unsplash

This Tuesday Poetics at the dVerse Poets Pub has Sarah and St Lucy bringing light into the darkness of winter, especially in the northern bit of the Northern Hemisphere, where it’s pretty miserable. Sarah reminds us that St Lucy is especially loved and commemorated in Scandinavia, where they really feel the darkness at this time of year, and the need for a little light and celebration.

Sarah has given us a background to the feast of St Lucy, together with images and poems to get us thinking about the lights we have at this time of year. All she asks in return is to give her a poem about light.


21 thoughts on “A Celebration of Light in Darkness

  1. This is incredibly stunning, Kim 😍 I especially love; “the afterglow of sunset as it fades to twilight; fairy lights nestling in the needles of a tree.” Yes! ❤❤

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