Ice Magic

Woken by a wintry dawning
of not necessarily unthinkable
colours, the icicle sparkled
and dripped from the awning,
releasing its magical spell:
it had captured the frosty light
from the clusters of stars in the night
and now it rang like a tinkling bell.

Kim M. Russell, 23rd January 2023

Free image by Rico Van der Voorde on Unsplash

Mish says it’s that time again for crafting a poem of 44 words. Yes, it’s the dVerse Poets Pub’s Quadrille Monday. She tells us how she scrolled through some old photos and was reminded of a storm that blasted along Lake Huron, Ontario a few years ago. Her description and the photos that accompany it are stunning, and they are all of ice, which is the word to be included in our quadrilles.

Not only has Mish given us a list of words derived from ice, which can be used as a noun, verb or adjective and can be hyphenated as we feel fit, but also a poem by the aptly named Robert Frost, entitled ‘Fire and Ice’.


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